Tuesday, May 10

Tile Art

Whenever I walk into Joann's I head straight for the clearance isle. The last time I was there they seemed to be getting rid of a whole line of art kits and they were on clearance for $2 and $3 each, I was so excited.
 I ended up picking up a tile art kit that had enough supplies to make 2 tiles with 2 wooden frames for $2, score!!
 I love when my kids take naps at the same time because then I get a little quiet time but I also enjoy the days where they are on opposite sleep schedules because then I get to spend special one on one time with each of them. I waited until one of those days so that I could sit down and do this project individually with them, much less chaotic that way and boy did they have fun.
 I wrapped the table in butcher paper so I wouldn't have to worry about any paint spilling and had the kids work in just their diapers and the fancy plastic apron that came with the kit.
 I let Scarlett have complete freedom to paint hers how ever she wanted and I think it turned out beautiful. I aided Taylor a bit but still let him do the painting and he surprised me with how much control he used.
 Once the tiles were painted and dry, I glued them into the little wooden frames they came with and now they are hanging in our room, I love them!
I just love good finds like this!

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