Thursday, March 22

Produce Stamping

I was reading Family Fun and came across the idea to stamp with celery. You end up with a print that looks like a flower and it can be used over and over.
I wanted to try out several different fruits and veggies as stamps so I cut a bunch of stuff up and placed it on a cookie sheet with paper towels to dry them out a bit. I wrapped the lettuce and celery with rubber bands so they would keep their shape and tried to cut everything as flat as possible. I dried them for about 6 hours which was fine for the lettuce, celery and apples but the lemons and oranges should have dried for several more hours.
 Once it was time to paint I squirted some paints onto plates for the kids and gave them paint brushes to apply the paint to their produce. Taylor spent most of his time just painting his paper then lost interest and took off to go play but Scarlett really loved this project.
 She wanted all her fruit pink and we made some really pretty prints on our paper. I loved the print the lettuce made the best, it's very flowery and delicate looking.
 I want to try this with the citrus again but let it dry longer, ours was a little too juicy but you could tell that it would be really pretty.

After Scarlett did her printing it turned into her just painting the fruit which I think she actually enjoyed even more. She would paint them, have want me to wash them off and then paint them a new color.

 You can make pretty stamped cards with your produce or some homemade wrapping paper. Apparently this works really well on fabric as well so your options are endless. If you make something share it with me on our Facebook page, I would love to see what you are working on!

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