Friday, March 9

Cleaning Essentials

   Housecleaning. I don't know what pops into your head, but it's probably something negative. For me it's, "Uggg, not again! Didn't I just do that?" or something close to it. I have been cleaning my own house for 40 years and cleaning as a side job for about 27 years. Seeing that in print is hideous! I have joked about this 'gift' and asked God why it couldn't be singing or painting or public speaking or ANYTHING but cleaning? As I have been thinking about it this week, I really do feel blessed that He has designed me this way because it helps keep order in my life. I don't do well when things are really chaotic and I'm feeling behind in everything. When I keep up on the house and all that it entails, I am a better wife, mom and friend. I can spend time with my grandkids, watch my youngest daughter play lacrosse and help friends and family with their homes and projects.      So, here I am as Amy's guest blogger. I am 58 years old, and truth be told, I would love to hire someone to clean for me. Since I know that will never happen, I have figured out how to be as efficient as possible so I can get on with the fun stuff! I'm sure that most of you are doing a good job and have all of your favorite supplies, but let's assume a couple of you need a tune up in this department. I will begin this week by giving you a list of the thinks I keep in my tote. My friend Judy and I like to call it our briefcase. We have been working together for 25 years and have been BFF's for 43 years! It is so nice to have a buddy to clean with. We have slave days every Monday, but that is a story for another day.
     Your weapons! I like to keep a tote filled with my most used supplies. I keep Windex, Comet, furniture polish, (keep the oily cloth in a baggie), a large cup with a toilet brush in it, (the cup helps rinse showers), a sponge with a gentle scratchy back, a tougher scouring pad, a razor knife, a Pummie (gets the tough rings out of toilets), shower cleaner and a scouring pad with a handle, some kind of spray bleach cleaner, an assortment of brushes for the nooks and crannies, a feather duster and a hand swiffer duster. I keep a large grocery bag with my cleaning cloths, plastic grocery bags, paper towels, extra vacuum bags, and new sponges, that I take from room to room along with the tote. This way you aren't running back and forth looking for the stuff you need. I get this out when it's my big cleaning day. I also keep Comet, Windex, paper towels, a toilet brush and a sponge under the sink in each bathroom for quick clean-ups. Judy and I get our cloths from Walmart. They are cotton sack cloths and they don't leave lint. I use white shop towels from Costco for floors because they are rougher. I only use a mop when it's a very large house. I soak the Costco towels in a bit of white vinegar (also a must have) and water and wring them out and mop with my feet. I fold them in half and move back and forth over the floor and it works so well. Just keep refolding it and you get 4 sides out of each towel. Plus, it is great exercise! Of course, this is after you have vacuumed. If you have a lot of bare floors, you can get a kind of mop that has terry cloth covers that you wash and re-use. It has a swivel handle and is easy to use.
     This is it for the week. I need to go chase down some dust bunnies of my own. If you are still interested after reading this, I will be sharing how I break down my house and where I begin. I will also introduce a few more supplies that help with tougher jobs. And my vacuum. I can't forget to tell you about that. Intrigued?

     Ta ta till then! Angie


  1. thanks for guest posting, angie! i'm always looking for tips and tricks for making housecleaning more streamlined. i hate doing it, but LOVE the feeling when its done!

  2. thank you!!!! i am excited to try out the vinegar and towels i HATE HATE HATE mopping!!!!!



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