Friday, March 16

Cleaning Products that do the job!

Mom's back and this time she is sharing her favorite hard working cleaning products. Here's a snap shot of the BFFs so you have a face to go along with the advise, Judy's on the left and that's mom (Angie) on the right, they are awesome! Now I will hand things over to mom:
  Sooooo, ladies. (Oh, and any men that might be reading this) As I promised last week, I will tell you a bit about 3 products that Judy and I LOVE! This will be a short post because she and I will be heading to Orange County tomorrow for a few days to, you guessed it, CLEAN! And organize and pack and whatever else that may come our way. I'm gonna owe her a bunch of slave days! My step-mom is going to sell her house and it has 40 years of stuff packed into it. My dad passed away 2 years ago and the house is just too big and it is time to downsize and move. I think this will be good for her. She just can't keep up with it anymore. A nice little condo or townhouse near the beach. Low maintenance. Maybe a little lap dog. I digress. Squirrel! OK, I'm back.
     The first goody in our arsenal of cleaning jewels is a product called Dirtex by Savogran. If you are lucky enough to live in Ramona, (Hush, I hear you snickering) you can get it at Ransom Bros. It is killer on mirrors and windows. Leaves no streaks. Ammoniated for fast action. (Their words. I wouldn't know how to spell ammoniated) The next thing is Zud. I have always called it Zuds until I took a closer look at the can. It's by Malco and we get it at, you guessed it, Ransom Bros. Gotta love Ramona. (I hear you) It comes in a container like Comet and gets rust, metal marks and the likes out of sinks. It works better by far than Comet, Ajax or any of those guys. Only use it on the tough stuff 'cause it ain't cheap, but it's well worth it! Last, but not least for today, is Bath Brite. We use it on sinks, showers, toilets, chrome fixtures. It cuts through the funky stuff that builds up around faucets, drains, in showers, places like that. Pour a little on, let it sit, and the magic begins. Scrub it with an old toothbrush, rinse and wipe clean. You can get this at Bradley's Pro Clean in San Marcos. Fun field trip before spring cleaning. They have tons of great stuff there for de-greasing pretty much anything, getting the weird, brown thing out of the bottom of the toilet bowl, window cleaning, etc. etc. Except Dirtex and Zud. Gotta find those on your own or come to beautiful Ramona. (Now you are just being mean) I was also going to share about my vacuum this week, but I am just too tired. Judy and I cleaned 3 houses today. 10 toilets between them, about 9 thousand sq feet of vacuuming and mopping, you get the picture. Feel sorry for us? No? You probably had a tough day too. It is actually quicker to clean all of those houses than it is to clean my own when I'm not focused. Bunny trails. They are all over.

Ta ta! Angie

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