Thursday, February 9

Wine Cork Letter

We have been saving our wine corks for the past few years in a tall vase in our kitchen. Many of them had dates and special events written on them like James 30th birthday, Valentines Day and Rough Day with the kids. Our jar was starting to get a little too full and I wanted a way to save them and display them so I looked around our house for something to cover and found the perfect thing. We had this black A hanging in our living room and while it was super cute I thought it would look even cooler covered in corks.
 I hot glued like crazy all over that thing, making sure to face all the written ones out. I had to cut a few to stick in tiny nooks but for the most part it was just gluing in straight lines, super easy.
We love the way it looks, little memories all on display, now I will have to figure out what I'm going to cover next time the vase gets full.

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