Monday, February 27

Why I run with my kids

Pushing a stroller carrying 60 lbs of kids is hard! I love the days when I go out alone, listen to music and peacefully run alone. But it's not the peaceful runs when I am alone that make me stronger, it's the times where I push my two little babes along in front of me that do it, so bring it on! They add obstacles that help me break through mental barriers and they add weight that makes my legs burn. Some days are harder then others with bickering and yelling at me to take them to the park while other times they sing to me and encourage me with sweet words. But even if I had the option to always run without them I wouldn't take it. Through these times together I am showing them the importance of fitness to us and hope that one day in the future they will be running along side of me and my husband.
To keep them protected from the rain and wind today, I had to get creative and make my own white trash stroller cover. I used clothespins to secure a blanket all the way around the stroller and while I'm sure we looked ridiculous, it worked great and was one of the best runs I have been on with them. They snacked, sang and napped away in their stroller nest while I pushed through 7.5 miles of wind and rain, it was awesome! As a reward for being my running buddies I always stop at the park at the end of our run to let them play and dig in the dirt and it gives them something to look forward to each time we go out. When we got home today they both practiced their running then Scarlett stretched along with me and talked and talked about exercising like mommy, what a reward for me!

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