Tuesday, February 21

Ruffled butterfly apron

Yesterday was a stress filled day with a trip to the ER for my little man, you can read about it here, but all is well today and we are back to normal thank goodness.
Now on to crafty business. I was asked by one of my hubby's coworkers to make an apron for his gal for Valentine's day. He told me some of her likes and then left it up to me to pick the fabric and style of the apron. Instead of making the same style I usually make, I decided to challenge myself this time and try something totally out of my comfort zone. I chose a ruffled halter style that was feminie and retro and went off a pattern which I don't usually do.
 This baby was a lot of work!! With all the ruffles it took me about 3x longer then I planned but I am really glad I did it. I'm not likely to make this one again because of how long it took me (unless someone pays me a lot, hehe) but I learned a lot from making it and it's already helped me in developing patterns for some of my own ideas.
 There is also so much satisfaction in finishing projects that challenge you. I don't ever learn anything new if I am always working on stuff I already know how to do, I need to step out more often to better myself.

James coworker was kind enough to send us a picture of her in her new apron cooking a Valentines dinner, how cute is she?

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