Tuesday, July 19

Kitchen Tour

I have been meaning to take pictures of our kitchen once I finished painting but it never seemed to be clean when I thought about it. I finally got around to cleaning it and taking some pictures, so for those of you interested in seeing our completed kitchen here it is!
 I painted the inside of all the upper cabinets a satin black to match the chalkboard painted ones and they go together really well.
 The inspiration for the color of our cabinets was this vegetables sign that I have hanging above the counter, I love it. It doesn't look like it in the picture but the greens do match in person.
 I think there are two types of people, ones that have naked fridges and ones that cover every inch of theirs with pictures and magnets, I fall into the second category.
 Here's what the chalkboard cabinets look like with the rest of the kitchen painted.
 I'm having fun looking for little decorations to go on top of the cabinets. I have my Marilyn Merlot's sitting up there in a picnic basket I found at the Goodwill.
 The wall between the cabinets is also chalkboard so we can decorate the wall for holidays or write little love notes to each other.

And because our cats are a bit on the spoiled side, Bella has a water bowl next to the kitchen sink for her drinking pleasure.
So there you have it, it's a bit cluttered and wild and hardly ever clean but just the way I like it.

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