Wednesday, July 13

Zucchini Eggs

It is an ongoing battle trying to find foods that the kids like. I feel like as soon as I have it all down, their taste buds change and they cringe when try to feed them what was once a beloved favorite. During the ongoing battle to try and incorporate more veggies in their diet we stumbled upon a winner, zucchini in eggs. The kids don't even detect them and they are tasty. We just grate them in the pan and cook them right along with scrambled eggs, I always add a little shredded cheese to top it off. These are the happy faces of kids eating their veggies, they just don't realize it.
Some others that work great are pureed cauliflower, although not many people tend to have that on hand, and diced bell pepper. We try to sneak shredded spinach in there sometimes but they usually spot that one. Do you have any favorite veggies that you like to add to your eggs? 

1 comment:

  1. I have not tried this trick...but may have to. I've hidden zucchini in cupcakes before, but haven't tried hiding things in eggs. Hmmm...something to consider. :)



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