Tuesday, July 26

Sand Table

I was so excited when I came across this blog post about making your own sand table, I instantly added it to my to do list. I didn't want to spend much on a coffee table for this project since it would just be sitting out in the yard so I figured I would just take my time to look for a cheap one at the Goodwill or a garage sale. I was completely ecstatic when 2 days later we noticed a coffee table, 2 bookshelves and an end table sitting in our neighbors yard for free! I made James go and grab it all, he thought I was a little crazy but it has all come in handy for projects.
 We put the coffee table out back in the kids play yard.
 Once we had it in place we put a under the bed storage box on top and bolted it in place.
 Then we filled it with a bag of play sand and sand toys. We set the whole thing up while the kids were napping and revealed it to them when they got up.
 They love it! It is the perfect height for them to play at, Scarlett has been making all kinds of sand food, Taylor has been digging and flinging sand like crazy, it's great!
 And when we are finished playing we just snap the lid back on so we aren't left with any surprises from the neighborhood cats.
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  1. What a genius idea for a sand table! loved it:)

  2. Wonderful idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my Noodles! Let me know if you try it and how your kids like it!



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