Wednesday, July 20

Girls Cars Shirt

My girl LOVES Cars!! She loves the movie, loves playing with cars, talk about them non stop, has renamed my car Lightening McQueen and calls her daddy's car King. The only problem is the stuff is marketed toward boys, I have yet to come across girls Cars clothes. Well I fixed that problem by turning a boys shirt into a girly version for my gal. What's great it you can do this with any cool boys shirt!
 This may have been the fastest refashion I have ever done. I didn't take step by step pictures but it is really simple to do. I just turned it into a basic halter top, using the bottom hem as the neck tie. I just cut off the sleeves, then cut the back off in a slight scoop, making sure not to cut the front. Then I cut a straight line across the top in the front, folded it over, sewed a straight line across the top to make a casing for the neck tie, added the neck tie in and it was done. The great thing about t-shirts are you don't have to hem or do anything fancy, just cut them and they are good to go.
 Scarlett insisted on wearing it the second I finished it and would wear it everyday if I let her.
 I must say, she looked pretty darn cute zooming around the yard on her scooter in her Cars shirt.
 Now I have to keep my eyes peeled for good deals on boys shirts so I can transform them for this little lady.
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