Thursday, June 16

Press on polish

I am not in any way being compensated for talking about this product, I just think its really cool and had to share. My friend told me about this press on polish by Sally Hansen that she swore was the best thing ever. I was sceptical because I am so hard on my hands but I kept it in the back of my mind. My little sister had her promotion coming up and wanted to get decked out so I told her about the polish and she thought it sounded great. We jumped in the car and picked some up and I applied them for her. We used one strip for 2 nails so it will last 2x as long and they were pretty easy to do.
I also did a test nail on myself to see how it would hold up and I'm sold. I have washed multiple sinks full of dishes, planted and did some gardening, bathed the kids and did every other ordinary daily tasks and the nail looks the same as when I applied it. I am convinced this is the only way to go for fingernail polish now.

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