Tuesday, June 14

Fancy Pants

As I was looking for clothes for the kids for the wedding I realized it is really hard to find anything dressy for boys this time of year. I could not find dress pants for the life of me and was running out of time so I decided to make them. I am SO glad that I did! They were easy to make, turned out super cute and cost $6 to make two pair, one for Taylor and one for his cousin Cael.  
I picked up a pair of very large men's dress pants from the Goodwill to use as my fabric, why buy fabric when you can re purpose, and they worked perfectly. I then followed the tutorial on Made for the flat front pants, cut out all my pieces and got to work. As always her tutorial was easy to follow and helped me venture into the uncharted territory of pants making. I am so glad that I have made some pants now because I now see how easy it is and I can't wait to make more, I may even try and make something for myself. The only thing I wish I would have taken the time to do was test my pattern first like she suggests. Because I was crunched for time, I went ahead and cut out Taylor's pants and the first pair was way to small, looks like my soon to be born nephew is getting a pair of dress pants. Now I have my pattern all worked out and should be good to go for future projects. I always learn the hard way that it is faster to NOT skip steps.
The pants went along great with the neckties and were comfortable enough for sitting around and....
getting down on the dance floor.

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  1. Oh wow, hats off to you for making the pants yourself. I could never do that. And how nice that you got the material from a pair of men's dress pants! Now, that's recycling at it's finest! I'm a new follower of your blog :)
    Hope you're having a great weekend!
    They All Call Me Mom

    p.s. I just clicked on Follow and it says I'm following you, yet I don't see my blog picture on the list. Blogger has been acting up lately with the Follow box, so I don't know....hopefully it registered me as a follower!

  2. Oh, nevermind...it's there now :)



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