Monday, November 1

Bubble Bowl

As long as your kiddo can blow out through a straw and keep from sucking in, then this is a really fun activity that cost nothing!  All you need are straws, a bowl, water, and a bit of dish soap.
 Take a bowl and add about a teaspoon of dish soap and then fill with water.  We did this on a rainy day, so we just put a towel down on the kitchen floor and played inside but you could also take your bowl outside and not have to worry about any mess.
 Once you are set up, poke your straws down in the water and start blowing, you will end up with all kinds of bubbles that will just keep growing and growing.

 Scarlett had just as much fun playing with the bubbles as she did creating them.
We played with them with our hands and popped them with the straws and kept busy for almost and hour, not bad for using stuff right out of your own kitchen.

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