Monday, November 15

From Summer to Winter

Please excuse my short hiatus, I was having some technical difficulties but have worked them out.
So with the weather cooling off now I have found us to be a bit lacking in the warm clothes department. Always trying to stretch our budget, I wanted to work with the great clothes we already had but just make them a little more comfortable to the cooler days. One of the ways I did this was by making Scarlett's short sleeved shirts into long sleeved shirts.  All you need to do is cut the sleeves off a long sleeved shirt that no longer fits and add them to the bottoms of a short sleeved shirt.

 Of course this only works if the sleeves from the old shirt still fit around your little ones arms, so check to make sure before you begin.

 And when you are done you are left with a shirt just perfect for these lovely fall days.

1 comment:

  1. As always, what an awesome idea, now if only I could sew!!



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