Sunday, November 21

Think before you toss

Next time you are going through your kids clothes to pass on things that don't fit anymore, think before you put it in that box. Some items just might not be ready to move on yet. Perhaps some pants that are too short could be shortened into shorts or capris, or cut the feet off some old tights and they become leggings. I recently ran across a dress of Scarlett's that no longer fit her but still had so much life left in it and knew it would be perfect for a refashion.
 I had a shirt sitting in her closet that was still a few sizes too big for her that had been handed down to us and was the same purple as the dress. I cut the bottom of the dress off, gathered it and sewed it to the bottom of the shirt to create a new dress. I then used the leftover fabric to make a bow that I added to the waistband for a little extra sass. Not to let anything go to waste, I cut the bows off the straps of the old dress, glued them to hair clips and voila!, instant matching hair accessories.

What do you have in the closet just waiting to be reborn?


  1. I love it, the dress turned out beautiful! I only wish I had a bit of your creativity! Your little model is GORGEOUS as always!
    Kerri ;)

  2. CUTE!!! I do this to the kids jammies, i cut off the legs and arms after winter so that they can wear them for summer.
    for ana i use 'dresses' as tops to wear with leggings once they get too small. but, this is WAY cuter than anything we have done over here!



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