Monday, October 25

Creepy Crawly Spiders

 If you hadn't noticed, I was on an egg carton crafting kick recently and couldn't go without making some creepy little spiders. For these little guys all you need is black and white paint, an egg carton, pipe cleaners, string and glue.
First cut your egg carton into sections and make sure the bottoms are left flat. Then paint them black and add little finger print eyes. Once your paint is dry add little black circles to the center of your eyes. Now you will need something sharp to poke 4 holes into the sides of your spiders body so that you can poke your pipe cleaner legs through, I used the tip of some very pointy scissors.
 Depending on how long you want your creepy crawly legs, you can either cut your pipe cleaners in half you use one whole one to thread through the holes that you poked in the sides. Once you have the pipe cleaners through, bend them into little spidery legs.
 Now all you need to do is attach a piece of string to the back of your spider with a little glue (I find that hot glue works best for this), if you want to hang him, and he's all set to scare.


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