Friday, October 22

Egg Carton Bat

Watch out when you enter our house cause you might just get bit by one of these furry little critters.
To make your own bats you will need:
Black and white paint, and egg carton, brown faux fur, hot glue, brown card stock, and string.
 You make the head the same way we did for the kitty, leaving 2 ears in front and painting it black.
Then add your eyes, again the same way we did the kitty, by using your child's fingerprint.
 Then take a black marker and add black to the center of the eyes, it's makes them so much cuter.
 Cut your faux fur into sections and roll them into ice cream cone shapes, these will become the body. Glue them together and you are ready to assemble your bat.
 Glue your bat head to the body, making sure to leave room below the eyes to add a mouth. I forgot to take pictures of this steep but to make the mouth take your white paint and paint a little smile on the face and add 2 little fangs sticking out.
 Cut wings out of your card stock, then fold them in half, this way they will look like they are flapping. Then glue your wings to the back of your bats body. I then tied a piece of string around the bats neck, hiding it under the fur, and pinned the bats to the ceiling. I think they make a nice little addition to our spooky decor.
“Twinkle, twinkle little bat. How I wonder what you're at! Up above the world you fly, Like a tea-tray in the sky"  ~Lewis Carroll

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