Wednesday, October 20

Egg Carton Kitty

With Halloween approaching we did some egg carton crafts around here to make a few decorations. The first one I am going to share is the black Halloween cat. We are fans of black cats in this house, as our dear kitty Sid is a black cat.
For this craft you will need an egg carton, black and white paint, pink felt, ribbon in any color and pipe cleaners in the color of your choice.
 Start out by cutting each section of the egg carton into pieces.
 For the head cut the 2 back points off, leaving the 2 front ones for ears. For the body leave all the points, these will become the kitty's legs.
 Paint everything black or any color you want your cat to be.
 Then take your little kiddos finger tip, brush it with white paint and press it onto the kitty head for eyes.
 The faces with fingerprint eyes.
Then take a black marker and add circles to the center of the eyes so they don't look creepy.
Take your pipe cleaners and cut them in fourths, these will become your whiskers.
 Poke holes into the sides of the nose area and stab your cut pipe cleaners though to make whiskers.
 Then take your pink felt and cut it into little triangles, 2 to fit in the ears and one for the nose. Glue them in place.
You can now glue your kitty's head to its body. Then take your ribbon and tie a little bow around it's neck to make a collar. Finish your little guys up by taking a pipe cleaner and curling it into the shape of a tail and gluing it to the back side of your kitty. 
And these are the cute little guys you end up with. Place them around the house as decoration or let your kids play with them as new pets that you don't have to clean a litter box up after.

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