Tuesday, May 1

How I found my motivation to run

I came across this on Pinterest and I love it because it's exactly what I think about when I'm hurting on a run. When I first started running I hated it! What got me started was after years of watching my hubby race I really wanted to race as well, I loved the idea of running and wanted to get back in shape after having Taylor. James set up a beginners program for me and I was out with my jogging stroller several times a week but it felt like a punishment. I didn't have my head in the right place and saw it as something I had to do instead of something I was lucky to get to do. I did a few races, which I loved, but started to burn out on my training pretty quickly and eventually switched to other activities. Then after taking several months off my mind set started to change. I would be at one of James' races watching people that had every right to quit but they didn't because they wanted to be out there, they wanted to run and push themselves and that's when I realized how lucky I am that I can do this. I am in good health, live in a beautiful place and have no excuses but a bad attitude. I started running again but this time realized what a gift it is and really started loving it. Sometimes running is just plain hard but I welcome these workouts because I know these are the ones that make me stronger. I am showing my children the importance of caring for the body God gave them. I am able to do things I never thought I was capable of and that has giving me confidence. It doesn't matter how fast or slow I am, as long as I am working hard I feel stronger. I love to run now and hope that I never take it for granted again. Share with me what motivates you? I would love to hear what drives you!


  1. I can tell you love it. You smile when you run now!

  2. Running is my alone time with God to worship and pray. It is such an awesome feeling after. And so much more enjoyable.



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