Thursday, May 10

Glitter Shapes

We love doing projects with glitter around here so when I came across this craft I knew we had to try it! It was all stuff I already had on hand so we were good to go that afternoon!

I got out a plate for each of the kids and pour a little glue onto both. Then I let them pick out some plastic cookie cutters that they wanted to use. Scarlett picked out some fish and a giraffe and Taylor used some dinosaur ones. 
They took the cookie cutters, dipped them in the glue, then placed them on their paper. We let them sit for a few seconds so the glue could drip down onto the paper, then pulled them straight up to leave the outline of the cookie cutter.
Then they took glitter and poured it onto their shapes. They had so much fun working on their pictures and were able to do this project all by themselves which they loved.
Taylor chose to do black paper with silver glittered dinos and alligators.
Scarlett made a few pictures and had fun using all the glitters to create giraffe art, her favorite animal. I give this project two glittery thumbs up!

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