Friday, December 17

Thumb print gift tags

I think there is something special about gifts that are actually wrapped, especially when it shows that the person took time to make it beautiful. This year to go on our gifts we made our own gift tags. If you want to make ones like ours you will need:
card stock, ink pads, hole punch, and a pen.
 I cut card stock into the shape of tags but you could also use pre-cut tags. Once I had our tags cut out Scarlett stamped her finger in the ink and we printed them on our tags, it helps to have a wet washcloth handy for this so you can wipe any extra ink off.
 For our reindeer tags we did three fingerprints in a row.
 Once the ink dried I added little eyes, a nose and antlers.
 For the Christmas light tags we alternated our colors and did four fingerprints.
 Once they were dry I added little coils to the tops of the lights....
 And a curly string to hold them all together.
 I then added a To: and From: section to the tags, punched a hole in the end and they were ready to go on our presents.

 Presents ready for Christmas!
This is one excited girl! She is really enjoying all of the holiday fun this year which makes it even more of a blast for us and it's Taylor's 1st Christmas so it's fun to see him checking everything out for the first time. What a blessing to have these little rugrats in our life, I love being a parent!



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