Monday, December 13

Let's Get Dirty!!

You will get messy!!!
We have been experiencing some extremely warm weather for December so we took advantage of it the other day and made a mud pit in the back yard. Scarlett jumped in her bathing suit and crocodile shoes and off we went to make mud.
♥Excited to play in her bathing suit♥

 I would have to say that Scarlett's favorite part of this activity was making the mud, she loves when I let her use the hose and thinks it's especially funny to squirt mommy.
 We brought out all of our sand toys and I found a few sticks in the yard that were just perfect for stirring our mud pies. Scarlett was a little cautious about getting too dirty but had fun all the same. I think next time she'll really get into it.

After we were done playing in the mud I hosed her off and she happily ran around playing in the yard while she dried off. Pretty crazy that Christmas is in 2 weeks and my kids can play in the yard in bathing suits! 

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