Thursday, July 29

Table Top Coloring

Tiny hands love to color. Miss Scarlett's little hands love to color on anything that I will let her and somethings that I'm not as happy about her coloring on including books, walls, chairs, carpet and people. I decided to give her a big canvas to work on by covering our kitchen table with butcher paper and letting her go wild. I just rolled it out to the length of the table and taped it down to the underside of the table.
We threw some crayons down and created a new tablecloth for us. I figured that we would just leave it there for the night but we have enjoyed having it on the table and just keep adding to the picture each day, I think it has been there for about 4 days now.
♥The budding artist at work♥

We love Sesame Street right now so I added her favorite characters to the table then she helped color them in.
This would also make a great group project if you had a bunch of kids together and they could all work on a big picture together.

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