Saturday, July 10

Egg Carton Bouquet

I hate to throw away anything that could possibly be re-purposed into something new. I save all sorts of "trash" for future inspirational craft projects. I have been saving all our egg cartons and we put one to good use this week making an egg carton bouquet. All you need are a pair of scissors, some paint, pipe cleaners and an old egg carton.

Start out by cutting the bottom of your carton into 12 "flowers".

You may need to shape each flower by cutting along the outside to give it a petal like appearance.

While you are taking care of the cutting part, make sure your little one has something to keep their hands busy. How high can she stack them? Let's see!

Once they are all cut, you are ready to paint. We used acrylic craft paint that we watered down to give it more of a watercolor look.

This is the perfect time to get your little one involved. I would suggest putting them in some grubby clothes or have them put on a smock so they don't get paint on a nice outfit.

After they are all painted allow them to dry.

Once they are dry poke two holes in the bottom center of your flower. You will then thread your pipe cleaner up one hole and back down the other hole. Then twist the two sides together and you have your stem.

At this point you are done unless you want to add a little extra flair. We stuffed the center of our flowers with our homemade pom poms which have now become quite eye catching for our kitties. You could also add glitter to the petals or any other thing that excites you.

Enjoy creating!

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