Monday, April 19

Footprint Art

I don't think there are many things cuter then the feet of a baby. In an effort to preserve the memory of my littlest ones feet we made a print of them on canvas this weekend. This is a project that is best done with an assistant but totally worth the doing.

All you need is a non-toxic acrylic paint, a canvas and little feet.

To get started have your assistant ready with a wet paper towel ready to clean those wiggly little feet. Next paint the bottom of one foot, then quickly stamp it on your canvas. Once you have the 1st foot stamped, clean that foot off and then repeat with the other foot. When we were all finished stamping my little guys feet we took him over to the sink and washed them with soap and water just to make sure they were good and clean.

The paint takes about an hour or so to fully dry and then you have a memory that will last a lifetime. You can leave it as is or embellish it any way you find fitting. I added a quote to mine and it is now hanging in my son's room. I love those little feet!

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