Monday, March 29

Cloud Playdough

Welcome to playdough week! Today we tried a mix called cloud playdough. This one required very basic ingredients; all you need is flour, oil, water and food coloring. 

1/2 cup water 
3/4 cup vegetable oil                                                                   
3 cups flour
Add a few drops of food coloring to water.
Combine water, oil and flour in a large bowl. Knead well.
Used on a washable surface, it is really oily. 

This recipe was really easy to make and the kids had a good time playing with it but it was a weird consistancy and was messy. When they left a clump of it on the table the oil would start to leak out of it onto the table. The nice thing about it was that it didn't stick to anything, so it cleaned off the toys really easy.

It ended up looking a lot like algae growing on the toys which the kids thought was funny because the toys we have are sea creatures. I would not make this one again but was glad that the kids had fun playing with it and it cost nothing to make because we had everything in our cupboards.
 Meet us back here again tomorrow as we try out another recipe!

Rating: ♥
Cost: $

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