Thursday, July 1

4th of July Hats

Is your ensemble for Independence Day not quite complete yet? Maybe an Uncle Sam hat or Lady Liberty tiara is just the thing you are looking for.

To make the Uncle Sam hat you will need:
3 sheets of white paper
1 sheet of blue paper
a paper plate
and a red crayon or marker.

Start out by cutting your blue paper in half length wise and then in half length wise again. You will only be using 2 of the strips unless you decide to make 2 hats. You will then tape 2 pieces together to make one long strip.

Next, take one of you sheets of white paper and cut out stars. Make sure they are no taller then your strip of blue paper because you will be gluing them onto it next.

Glue your stars on to your blue strip, add as many as you please. Then allow them to dry while you work on the next few steps.

Take your other 2 sheets of white paper and tape them together end to end, to create the longest sheet possible. You will then add evenly spaced lines to your paper, we did ours about 2 inches apart.

♥Miss Scarlett helping me out♥

Then color every other space in with your red crayon or marker.

Once you have that finished, size it to your Uncle Sam's head and tape it together to create a tube.

Using the top of your hat, trace the inside of it on the center of your plate. Then you will want to cut out the center, leaving you with the brim of your hat.

Now it is time to assemble. First tape your red and white striped paper onto your hats brim. Then you will add your blue strip to the outside at the base of your hat, tape it in place and your done!
For the Lady Liberty tiara all you will need are:
2 sheets of sea foam green paper
a black marker
and scissors

Start out by taping your 2 sheets of paper together length wise. Then flip your paper over so that you can draw on it without the tape getting in your way.

Then you draw out your tiara pattern and cut it out. I don't have a pattern for this, I just drew a slightly curved line, then added some points to the top of it and black windows along the bottom, nothing special.

Then you just fold your points down so that they stick out when you are wearing your tiara. Now its ready to be sized. Find your model, size it around their head and tape the ends together. TA DA! Your finished and ready to celebrate.
I made one for each of us to wear on Sunday while we enjoy the day celebrating Independence Day with our family and friends.

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