Saturday, March 21

DIY Skateboard Hat Rack

My little man had nowhere to hang his hats, so our solution to the problem was to make him a hat rack! He's really into skateboarding right now so that led us to make a skateboard hat rack.
 I ordered a blank deck from Amazon (that way it was nice and clean) and we picked up some Volcom stickers, because what better way to deck it out then in his favorite brand! I screwed in some inexpensive hooks all along the bottom, screwed it straight into the wall through the predrilled holes and we were good to go! It took us about 15 minutes to make and he LOVES it, WIN WIN!!!

Friday, February 28

Week 10: Mornings

Thursday, February 27

Week 9: Patterns

A mess of sewing patterns

Week 8: Pink

Friday, February 14

Week 7: Time

The finish line!

Thursday, February 6

Week 6: Bad Hair Day

The most loved dolls always have the craziest hair ♥

Thursday, January 30

Carlsbad Half Marathon Race Report

My race for January was the Carlsbad Half Marathon. This was my second half but it had been over a year since the last one I did. I wasn't really enjoying my training when I first signed up but I eventually hooked up with a group of my friends and we started training together on the weekends. What a difference that made! I start to get bored running by myself but when I am with friends it breaths new life into the sport for me. I'm so thankful for my Sole Sisters and look forward to more training runs and races together!

The day before the race we put the kids in the LEGOLAND kids mile. It was so much fun! This was Taylor's second race and Scarlett's 4th but it had been a while and they were both so excited to do it.
I was awesome to see how proud they were to cross the finish line and couldn't wait to show off their medals! Proud momma here!!

That night I stayed at my sister and bro-in-laws house so that I could be close to the start and the kiddos and James could go home and get a good nights sleep. That night I got a call from James letting me know I forgot my running shoes back at home with them! They weren't planning on meeting me there until after the race so I had to think quick about how I could get them to me before the race started. Luckily one of my friends that was racing was able to grab them and bring them to me race morning. I don't think running in flip flops would have gone well!
The next morning my sister drove me to the start where I was able to meet up with several of my friends, put on real shoes, check our bags and shiver together for a bit before the race started.
As far as the race went, it was a BEAUTIFUL day to run! I went out slow and then eased into my happy pace. I stuck with a pace group most of the race and then worked to drop them the last mile which made for a comfortable race for me. I had no real time goals for this race, I just didn't want to do any walking. I made it the whole way running and PR'd so I was pleased. My mom and little sister surprised me at the finish, along with my sweet husband and kids, I love my support crew, love, love, love them!! Now I am fired up to train harder and tackle the next race that comes my way! I will also make sure to always have my shoes with me!!


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