Tuesday, December 6

Footprint Reindeer

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A few months back I came across this picture on Pinterest and knew I wanted to do it with my kids once Christmas time rolled around. Today we were talking about what we wanted to do as a project and this came to mind.

 The kids get super excited whenever I pull the paints out and they ran straight to the table to get started.
 I pulled out a few small canvases that I already had on hand and while Scarlett sized her feet up I got the paint ready to brush onto their little feet.
 Once I had their prints on the canvases, I cleaned their feet up and painted the details of the reindeer on as well as each of the kids names.
 I made sure Scarlett's looks like a girl reindeer....
 and Taylor's looks like a boy. These will be so fun to pull out each year and watch as the kids feet grow.

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